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Create a happy and productive workspace with these tips.

Just over 87 percent of Americans are satisfied with their jobs, which is much higher than you may think. Knowing exactly what employees are looking for in an office environment can help to bring the happiness level up a couple of notches. Keep these workplace happiness tips in mind so that your employees will look forward to heading to work every day.

  • Get engaged – employees who are personally invested, dedicated, and actively involved in the company will work much harder and produce higher level work than those who feel disconnected. Education, benefits packages, and recognition programs can all help to increase the level of engagement of your employees.
  • Be flexible – when it comes to daily work schedules, be flexible. Employees who are able to work from home when necessary or can make their own hours call in sick less often and are much more efficient.
  • Get moving – employees who move throughout the day, such as those who participate in walking meetings or team building physical activities, are more energetic and engaged than employees who sit in their chairs all day long.
  • Check the temperature – keeping the office between 65 and 70 degrees will work the best to keep all of your employees comfortable. Cold offices can literally make the workplace less friendly and productive.
  • Give employees some space – office setups that encourage face to face  between employees will work much better to boost office satisfaction. Cubicles with high walls that increase isolation will significantly bring down the overall satisfaction and happiness of employees.

For more ideas on how you can create a happy and productive workplace, contact HR Solutions & Brokerage in Lakewood, Colorado, serving you and your needs.

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