Human resource outsourcing can take many forms and cover many features. Among the many functions of human resource outsourcing, the following are the most common.

  • Payroll processing. Historically, one of the most time-consuming and repetitive HR processes, outsourcing payroll promotes accuracy and cost (staff time) savings.
  • Administration. HR often involves necessary, but non-productive admin tasks.
  • Recruiting. One of the most important functions of HR professionals, recruiting candidates takes high volume time with no guarantees of success.
  • Compliance. With Cobra and HIPAA regulations becoming more complex, HR departments are increasingly challenged to comply. Regulatory compliance issues regarding employee rights and privileges also are multiplying.
  • Benefits administration and evaluation. As benefit packages become more complex and expensive, the Administrative Care Act (ACA) further complicates the contentious benefits issue.

These reasons have contributed to the growing popularity of human resources outsourcing. For example, risking large monetary penalties when cost-effective outsourcing options are available, makes little business sense. Human resources outsourcing to a proven, professional and knowledgeable firm that projects compliance and efficiency if often the wisest decision.

For example, HR Solutions & Brokerage has helped many businesses solve and/or avoid the problems associated with compliance and benefits administration. They put their tag line, "serving you and your needs" as their prime mission. Contact HR Solutions & Brokerage to learn how this top human resource outsourcing firm can help your HR department get more done, recruit better and comply with all regulations.

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