With obesity rates at an all time high, we are all being encouraged to exercise regularly and adopt a healthy diet. However, this can be difficult to do when one of the most popular forms of exercise can quickly lead to debilitating injuries that put you right back where you started. That’s right people- I am talking about running. Running is infamous for creating troublesome musculoskeletal problems that are hard to calm down without taking a break from running entirely.


Here are some examples of common running-related injuries and how you can prevent them!

  • Runner’s Knee

o   What it is it? Knee pain that increases when walking, running or stepping downhill due to weak hip external rotator muscles.

o   How can you prevent it? Ice after exercise, and ease up on either the duration or frequency of your runs. Mix some hip strengthening exercises into your workout.

  • IT Band Friction Syndrome

o   What is it? Your IT band is a thick band of tissue located along the outside of your upper leg. Running can irritate this band and put unwanted pressure on your hip or knee.

o   How can you prevent it? Decrease how far you run by half, and purchase a foam roller from an athletic store. Foam roll your IT band 3 times a day, and start a hip strengthening program.

  • Shin Splints

o   What is it? The muscles that attach to your shin can become irritated and begin to pull away from the bone causing pain on your medial lower leg.

o   How can you prevent it? Make sure your calf muscles are loose, and decrease your run duration until symptoms resign. Make sure your shoes are still supportive and look into getting orthotics from your doctor.

Don’t let these bothersome injuries keep you from enjoying the perfect running weather of the summer season. For any questions about insurance, please contact HR Solutions, located in Lakewood!

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