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When you hire a new employee, one of the most important steps is providing the proper onboarding. Onboarding is much more than just making a good first impression. Taking the time to properly introduce new employees to your company can help ensure the strength of their future performance, and their ability to reach their goals. Keep these tips in mind to create the right onboarding program for your company.

  • Create an agenda – a new employee will not be able to start their daily duties the minute that they walk through the doors. Create an agenda of the employee’s first week by working with the new hire manager and any other coworkers. This is also a great time to assign a mentor.
  • Create a comfortable work station – assigning your new employee their own workspace can help to boost their confidence in the company even more. Make sure that their desk has the necessary supplies, including an employee handbook, organization chart, and new hire enrollment paperwork.
  • Provide a welcome gift – branded materials, such as a work bag, custom t-shirt, pens, coffee mugs, and a pad of paper will help to build up loyalty right away. It can also help your new employee feel much more welcomed.
  • Schedule time for orientation – during your employee’s first week on the job, make enough time for orientation. Throwing new employee’s into tasks right away can cause a lot of anxiety. Take the time to make them feel welcome and ensure that they feel comfortable with their new duties.
  • Invest in training – the first 30 to 90 days that an employee is on the job should be viewed as training. Although it may seem frustrating to lose some productivity, it is necessary to ensure that your employee is properly trained.

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