18207172_SDid you know? Your health and your mood can get a major boost from sunlight. How much is just enough? Many medical experts say 10 minutes of sun exposure a couple of times a week is ideal.

What are the benefits of sensible sun exposure?

  • Vitamin D: Your body produces vitamin D when bare skin is exposed to the sun. Ample vitamin D is formed well before you get a tan or sunburn, so don’t overdo it! Vitamin D also helps maintain bone density and can increase athletic performance by aiding muscle fiber recovery. In addition to getting some rays, fish like salmon and tuna pack a punch of vitamin D. Fortified milk and orange juice, egg yolks and supplements, if needed, are also health maintaining sources of vitamin D.
  • Serotonin: This amazing chemical is responsible for keeping you motivated and in a good mood! The amount of serotonin in the brain has been found to be in direct correlation with hours of light exposure.
  • Better sleep: Exposure to sunlight can keep your sleep cycles regulated so you are well-rested and less prone to stress. Sun exposure later in the day doesn’t seem to have the same effect, so open those shades or take a walk first thing in the morning!

While small amounts of sunshine can have health benefits, too much can be deadly. Here is a guide designed to help you stay safe in the sun.

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