Determining benefit eligibility for employees has its share of pitfalls. For example:

  • Health care reform has changed the rules on health insurance waiting periods for new employees. All insurers and employers must comply with the new, relatively short waiting period rules.
  • With dependent health coverage extended to age 26 without regard to other insurance offers in 2014, employers may have to determine whether a special enrollment period is needed so employed dependents can enroll in a parent’s plan.
  • As employee schedules become more flexible, the average number hours worked per week can vary widely, making it more difficult to determine if an employee qualifies for benefits.
  • Eligibility rules for Family Medical Leave have become very complex, especially if your organization has spouses

A Human Resources department needs to resolve such issues quickly, or risk creating unhappy employees and even exposing the organization to legal claims that benefits were not properly provided. A qualified benefits eligibility specialist can help relieve this burden from your organization.

HR Solutions’ offers comprehensive eligibility administration services. We monitor employee records, determine effective dates, coordinate eligibility dates with insurance providers and adjust monthly premium billing as needed. To learn more about this service, contact HR Solutions in Lakewood, California.


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