Making The Most Of Your Pre-Retirement Years

Every once in a while, when you get up on Monday morning you may find yourself longing for your retirement years. Even if you love your job, rushing to get out of the house, trying to beat traffic, and being constrained to a desk can make the daily grind feel like just that- a grind. Consequently, planning for retirement can be exciting!

It can also be a bit daunting if you do not understand the financial planning resources available to you. To make the most of your money during your pre-retirement years, consider these tools.

  • 401(k): If you are unsure if your workplace offers a corporate match program, you could be missing out on free money. As of 2015, your maximum pre-tax contribution each year is $18,000. If your company is matching all or part of that, you could be significantly boosting your retirement contributions!
  • Taxes: One of the most important and most simple tax tips that can help you save is keeping a calendar. It can be a bit confusing to remember that your expenses right now count towards your 2015 taxes, even if you have not filed your taxes for 2014. Keep track of all of your giving and investments throughout the year to ensure your taxes are accurately filed and you take advantage of every tax refund available to you.
  • IRAs: Unlike the deadlines for charitable giving, you have until you file your 2014 taxes to contribute to your IRA for the year. That means that you can maximize your tax refund by putting money towards these retirement accounts.

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