It doesn’t really seem fair that while you spend the day (and night) sniffling, sneezing and coughing, your friends and co-workers seem to be unaffected. We wondered if there was some genetic discrepancy to blame for the disparity or if simple changes could ward off germs, preventing you from getting sick. Here, you’ll learn what we discovered.

First, fresh air does the body good. Exercise boosts your immune system. Plus, getting outdoors gets you away from the germs and bacteria circulating from others currently battling the cold or flu.

Next, chill out. Relaxation reduces stress, and lower stress helps stave off colds and flu. The reason is simple–prolonged stress triggers the continuous release of stress hormones which throws natural immune responses off.

Third, get some sleep. A 2009 research study conducted at Carnegie Mellon University revealed that when individuals sleep less than seven (7) hours–straight–their chances of catching colds triples.

Finally, your best defense against the spread of germs, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), is washing your hands thoroughly. Lather for 20 seconds, dry hands thoroughly and keep hands away from the nose, eyes and mouth as much as possible. Also, use regular soap instead of antibacterial.

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