Business owners of a growing company juggle everything from the cost of business to the happiness of employees may not be aware of the importance of workers compensation. Workers compensation is for the protection of your employee’s finances in the event of an injury and is necessary for every business. There is a $2000 penalty for companies that do not offer workers compensation for its employees. Coverage is required for domestic workers, workers in all for profit business, farm workers, workers of non-profit organizations, any worker determines as an employee by the compensation board.

Workers compensation will benefit the employer as well as the employee. If an employee is hurt on the job, workers compensation will protect your business from having to pay the employees medical expenses.

HR Solutions is an employee benefits consultation with the skill and understanding to work with employee benefits, human resource counseling, retirement planning, and benefits administration. We will help your business succeed by keeping key employees happy and attracting more employees with benefit packages. Contact us today for more information.



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