Building a Virtual Team

Working with a virtual team allows for many more ideas. With more people working towards the same goal, projects can be finished more efficiently. However, there are also some issues that can arise when trying to properly manage a virtual team. Keep these tips in mind to help efficiently run a virtual team.

  • Create a winning culture – even though you are not physically in the same place as the entire team, it does not mean the culture of the team has to suffer. Build a culture that allows everyone to create a shared history that goes beyond the typical team development process.
  • Make time for face to face interactions – body language and facial expressions are lost when there is no face to face interaction between team members, which can make it very difficult to do business. There are many programs that are available to allow virtual face-to-face interactions.
  • Have effective and clear channels of communication – make sure every team member fully understands the task and how they are helping to achieve it. Ensure that there are clear channels for all employees to communicate with each other.
  • Establish mechanisms to resolve issues – all employees should feel comfortable exploring any issues that come up to ensure that there is fairness throughout the project. Having ways to resolve issues efficiently and fairly will help to make sure the company and team continues to grow.
  • Celebrate success – celebrating any success, such as an award or a milestone, will help to create a strong culture of achievement. Everyone on the team will work hard to accomplish a goal if they know that they will be recognized.

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