Social Media Recruiting

Social media is a huge part of everyday life, even as a company. Along with providing updates about the company, social media is also a great way to recruit new employees. In fact, more than 90 percent of all companies use some type of social media to look for new recruits. More than 40 percent of fortune 500 firms even feature a social media link on their career pages.

While LinkedIn is the number one social media-recruiting tool, many companies also use Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Along with being an easy way for people to apply for a job, it also makes the process easier for companies. Through the use of social media to recruit new employees, more than 40 percent of companies have reported improved candidate quality; while 20 percent also say they spend less time hiring new employees.

Almost 30 percent of people who are looking for a new job use social media as their number one tool for job searching. A staggering 14 million people in the United States have used some type of social media to search for a job, along with more traditional searching techniques.

The use of social media to recruit new employees can also lead to some problems for potential employees. Most recruiters and hiring managers check the social media profiles of potential candidates, which can lead to rejections. Almost 80 percent of recruiters have negative reactions to any reference of illegal drug use on potential candidate’s social media sites, and almost 70 percent react negatively to posts that have a sexual nature.

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