When you hire an employee, that individual now represents you and your business even when they are not on the clock. This is why many employers have started to place restrictions on how employees use their social media accounts. As a business owner, you should develop a comprehensive social media policy that addresses any potential problems or concerns you may have about employees and their accounts. This may be a difficult task to accomplish if you have never had to create a policy like this before. Here are a few things that your policy should include:

  • Employees should never suggest any promises in a social media post that the business cannot keep.
  • All posts must be free of slanderous material toward the business, and should not harm it in any way.
  • Social media posts should never disclose private, confidential company information.
  • Posts should be free of any illegal material.
  • Employees can never use their social media accounts to bully other individuals.
  • Social media posts are never to disclose another employee’s private information.
  • Social media posts should refrain from addressing any controversial opinions or views that conflict with the beliefs of the company.
  • Posts should never suggest that unsafe protocols are being used at the business.

It is up to you to minimize your risks related to the social media posts that your employees throw out to the world! In order to speak to an insurance professional on how you can minimize your risks, please contact one of the agents at HR Solutions, located in Lakewood! We offer a number of services that will increase the efficiency of your business. Take advantage of our benefits administration, worker’s compensation, or human resource outsourcing, and watch your business prosper! We are excited to help, and be a part of your business’ success.

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