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Managing Millennials

More and more millennials are entering into the workforce. As a mysterious, well-educated generation, working with millennials can mean new and different challenges. To help best manage millennials in your office, make sure to keep these tips in mind.

  • Work in groups – while many millennials tend to want to work in groups, it does not mean that they cannot make decisions on their own. They have the ability to reach important decisions on their own, while also valuing the input that is received in larger, diverse groups.
  • Proficient in using the newest technology – millennials grew up in the technology generation, making them very skillful when it comes to working with it. Instead of sticking with processes that seem outdated, millennials work to try to inject updated technology to help update the workflow. Even with their proficiency in technology, many millennials still prefer face to face interactions when making connections.
  • Regular feedback – in order to work their best, millennials desire regular feedback that can help them grow within the company. Millennials are used to instant gratification and feedback, thanks to the internet and social media, which they will bring into the office.
  • Different motivations – millennials are driven by the ability to progress and be creative. If they have a sense that what they are actually doing matters, they will have a much stronger motivation to continue and thrive in their work. By explaining the vision of your company, you will better be able to help and motive your millennial employees.
  • Giving back – millennials are more and more concerned about the community that they are living in and finding ways that they can give back. Showing millennials that their work is helping to contribute to the greater good can help drive them to do their best.

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