A happy retirement means more than having enough money to support yourself. When you are preparing for retirement, you need to look at the big picture. Think of your health, social needs and emotional needs when making plans for retirement.

Maintain a Social Circle

Retirement can get lonely if you don’t have friends to call or family to get in touch with. Having friends is important for your wellbeing and happiness. Make friends with people who share similar interests and take the time each week to get together with them, for coffee or lunch, for example. Also remain in close contact with your family. Call your children or siblings every week or so to say hi.

Take Up a Hobby

Once you’ve finished working full-time, you’ll need something to do each day. Retirement is an ideal time to start or continue a hobby, whether you learn to knit, do woodworking or take an acting class.

Protect Your Health

Your retirement won’t be very enjoyable if you’re ill. Take steps to protect your health while you are still working. Get a full night’s worth of sleep daily, eat a balanced diet and head to the gym for regular workouts. Don’t forget to see your doctor for a regular check-up.

Don’t Forget to Save

Figure out how much money you’ll need to save to live comfortably in retirement and make a plan that lets you save that much. It might mean setting aside more money each month during your working years or committing to spending less on items you don’t need.

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