Healthcare Funding

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Healthcare Funding Group

Our healthcare funding group acts as a division of HR Solutions that is dedicated to helping individuals plan for healthcare costs while working and in retirement.

Healthcare costs are the great unknown for most individuals. While the cost of premiums, deductibles, and total out of pocket costs may be known the ancillary costs can be daunting. Healthcare reform and its corresponding state and federal exchanges has reduced the size of doctor and hospital networks on many health insurance plans. In many cases, an individual may only be able to get care in their respective state. So if you want to get care for cancer at MD Anderson in Texas (and you don’t live in Texas), the entire cost will be borne by the individual.

The cost of healthcare in retirement is also an unknown for most individuals. Medicare is means tested and the more you make in retirement the higher the cost of your Medicare premiums. A 50 year old individual can expect to pay hundreds of thousands more in Medicare premiums based solely on their income.

Planning for healthcare costs can make the difference between a comfortable retirement and an uncertain one. We create specific funding plans for individuals and organizations that ensure that healthcare costs are accounted for while working and in retirement.

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