Health Advocates

With all the recent health care reforms, many businesses are getting thousands of phone calls a month with questions about the health plan that they are offering. This is quickly becoming one of the biggest issues for businesses since they do not have the staff or know-how to answer all the questions. To help solve these problems, businesses are turning to third party companies to provide the answers.

These services are able to offer independent insurance and medical experts the support that they and their employees need. Many of these services employ former medical and health professionals, counselors, health care administrators, and nurses who are able to assist with any questions or concerns.

Businesses that have already started working with these services have seen a dramatic decrease in the number of phone calls and questions that they have to deal with directly, helping to free them up for other aspects of their job. It is also helping to ensure that all questions are answered correctly and efficiently as clients need.

Many health plans are also converting to more consumer driven health plans, meaning patients are paying a large chunk of their medical payments and sorting out more of the issues with their plans on their own. With the increased responsibility of the plans being put on the consumers, having a professional to turn to can help to ensure they know exactly what they can expect with their coverage. Having a third party service to turn to also helps to give customers the peace of mind needed to make sure that they are getting truthful, unbiased information about their coverage.

For more information on health advocates and how they can benefit your company, contact HR Solutions in Lakewood, Colorado.

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