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When onboarding a new employee, training is crucial to ensure that they know exactly what their roll is and how they are going to help benefit the company. However, the training process should be an ongoing event to help make sure that all of your employees better their skills to help better the company. Training helps improve the moral of employees since they feel cared for.

Interviewing both those employees who are in senior management positions can help to give you the input needed to figure out which specific areas and skills are vital to successful performance. They will be able to provide better insight about which strategic management skills they believe should be implemented throughout the entire company.

You should also take the time to interview a pre-selected audience to get a deeper insight into their understanding of what they believe their performance inhibitors are. Getting input from your selected audience also helps to make them much more receptive since they will feel that the organization is working with them in order to make changes, instead of just making changes on their own. Taking the time to interview the audience can help to improve employee engagement, making all candidates more receptive to any changes that will be made.

When conducting all the interviews, make sure that it is done in a structured and systematic way in order to get accurate and reliable data that you can use. You should never base your changes in assumptions since it can risk the company as a whole. Decide the majority of the questions that will be asked beforehand, by making sure that you are flexible enough to pursue any questions that come up during the interview process.

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