The Secret To Employee EngagmentKeeping your employees engaged can help to create a strong team.

Immediate mangers are one of the key components when it comes to keeping employees engaged and committed. While teams can also effect an employee’s work experience, studies have shown that immediate mangers have greater influence. Knowing how to keep your employee engagement up can help to build a strong team.

There are three traits that all immediate mangers should have, including recognizing and encouraging development of employees, proficiency in giving and receiving feedback, and the ability to motivate. While many mangers are doing great jobs in all three of those sectors, there is always room for improvement, which will help to improve the overall company.

Being able to properly motivate employees is one of the key traits all immediate managers should work on. Employees who are motivated by their immediate managers are much more likely to be committed and engaged in their job. When it comes to motivating employees, three aspects should be taken into consideration, including:

  • Applying situational leadership when it is possible. Keep in mind that there is no one leadership style that works for everyone.
  • Understanding employees and what motivates them. Understanding what drives employees helps to keep them motivated each day.
  • Finding a good match between each employee and their position. When employees are happy in their position, they will be naturally motivated.

All mangers should keep in mind that a promotion is not the only way that employees want to develop and grow at work. Employees are looking to develop new skills and for the chance to improve. The best results for the whole company come with managers who are able to recognize the specialties and value of each employee.

For more information on how to properly foster employee engagement at your company, contact HR Solutions & Brokerage in Lakewood, Colorado.

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