It most certainly is time to consider the “Z’s”. The offspring of the Gen X’er and the grand children of the baby boomers. The 60+ million Americans born between 1995 and 2010, are poised to begin seriously breaking into the workforce. From the moment of their birth the world has quite literally been accessible to them. They have never lived without immediate access to all of the answers. They grew up fast and they move even faster. Social media defines them, they are connected with their peers on a global level, and they crave instant everything.

Traditional employee benefits are likely to have  little or no impact on their choice of employment. Above all, they value autonomy, and demand constant approval. They want to learn on their own, and feel validated when ideas become reality.

Offer apprenticeship, mentoring programs and tuition reimbursement. The cost of formal higher education is likely to be out of reach for most of the Z’s. Raised in a climate of financial uncertainty they are hesitant to assume debt simply for the sake of a diploma. That being said, they are the brightest and most capable of any workforce to date. Offer them opportunities to better themselves.

Make philanthropy a corporate incentive. Determined to rise above the terrorism that played such a part in their childhood, they want and need to make things better for themselves and the world around them. Affiliate your business with a national or global, charity and participate as a unit. Consider offering paid time off for employees wishing to volunteer their time to a worthwhile cause.

Think technology and think fast. This generation has grown up with all the toys. They have become the masters of all they possess. They are accustomed to doing whatever they need to do, whenever they want, and where ever they are.Trust us, they will not even read an E mail. You need to encourage snapping, tweeting and face-timing, cause that’s just how they roll.

The Zers watched as their parents lost jobs and homes due to economic cutbacks. Hit hard, and hardened, by the recession, they have no corporate loyalty. Find an end-road around their expectations and seek them for what they are worth to your company. A “Z” is a self-starter, resourceful and well equipped to rise above any challenge. They will do things faster, they will do them cheaper and then they will move on. Contact us for ways to help, not only recruit, but retain them.

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