How To Keep Your Best Employees Of All Ages

You have built out a diverse workforce. While the Baby Boomers bring decades of experience, the Generation Xers offer stability and work ethic while the Millennials keep you on the cutting edge. All in all, your team is designed to bring together people from all walks of life so you can best serve your customers.

This is great, until it comes time to build your benefits package. Then it gets a bit confusing. So you can best serve your employees from each generation, consider these things.

  • Baby Boomers: It comes as no surprise that Boomers’ top priority is retirement. Unfortunately, many did a poor job of preparing for their golden years and are depending on their employees to help them maintain a comfortable quality of life after they stop working. To keep your dedicated, experienced staff, make sure you offer retirement planning resources.
  • Generation Xers: Health insurance is a top concern among this generation, as they are wanting to safeguard their families. Since the health care landscape has changed so much in the last few years, offering straightforward, powerful health care solutions will set you apart from other employers to these employees who can help you grow your company.
  • Millennials: The average student debt carried by recent graduates is now $28,400. That means that most of your younger staff is carrying a significant loan balance. While they may not be thinking about retirement just yet, you can be sure they will care about any benefits that help them keep more money in their own pockets. Paid vacation is a must for Millennials.

How does your business satisfy all of these needs without busting your budget? The employee benefit experts can help! To have professional guidance to the best benefits package for your employees and your bottom line, contact HR Solutions & Brokerage in Lakewood, Colorado today. We have solutions for all generations, so do not wait to get in touch.


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