As we approach the fall time change, it may be time to make a change in your employee benefits program. One of the main reasons an employee resigns is simply because of the opportunity for higher pay or better benefits at another company. If the employee is also having issues with management or other employees, it is simply a matter of time before they decide to move on, even if it means taking a chance with a new company. Here is how an upgrade can help retain employees (especially when they are already looking elsewhere):

  • It shows that your company is truly interested in the well being of the employees because you have taken the time to make changes that improve their life.
  • An upgrade demonstrates that your company is willing to innovate and adapt with the times, actively seeking to improve even in the areas that are sometimes forgotten or purposefully set aside.
  • It provides a more solid foundation which improves employee confidence in the company and its ability to survive difficult times. This can also lead to easier recruiting when satisfied current employees refer candidates to fill vacancies within the company.

When your company revamps its benefits program, the employees facing uncertainty are forced to reconsider their current viewpoint before making the decision to leave. Turnover is a simple fact of business, however, it is time turn the tables and give them that extra reason to stay. Please contact us at HR Solutions if you are needing to change your benefits program and are facing any uncertainty or questions with which direction to go.

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