An Emerging Trend in Employee Benefits

Just as a company’s workforce changes over time, so do the components in company benefit packages in order to effectively meet the needs of employees, while still allowing companies to maintain cost-effective programs.  A new trend cropping up in employee benefit plans are financial wellness programs. With the newer millennial workforce […]

Employee Benefits – Healthy Employees

As healthcare costs continue rising and companies face increased costs with sick employees, it may be time to consider an employee health and wellness program. Aside from the cost saving benefits, younger generations are now focusing more on employers that offer special programs that will benefit them in the long run. […]

The Evolution of Employee Benefits Programs

In order to remain competitive in an evolving job market, it is imperative that companies construct anemployee benefits that is attractive and innovative. Program features should reflect the changing composition of the workforce, especially the increase in the number of millennials in the workplace. The exploration of new strategies is important and […]

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