How you can create the right work-life balance at your business.

With the holiday season fast approaching, it is the perfect time to take a look at your current holiday policy at your business. While many business owners think of holidays as lost money, the opposite is true. Encouraging a strong balance of work and life with all of your employees can benefit your company in many ways.

Time off does not always have to mean a week long trip overseas. Giving your employees a couple extra days off to spend at home with their friends and family can provide the extra time needed to relax and refresh. Studies have shown that employees are more productive after a break. In fact, employees are also more focused during the time leading up to a holiday break because they are working towards a deadline.

As a business owner, part of your responsibility is to allow your employees to create a healthy workplace. Your employees will look towards you and other managers for the “holiday culture” of the office. If managers do not take any time off, it is sending the message that employees should also be hoarding their paid leave time. If you notice an employee that seems to be getting a little frazzled, encourage them to take some time off so that they can recharge and focus. An employee who is in the office but is distracted will do just as much good as an employee who is relaxing at home. The only difference is that an employee who took some time off will come back more focused and productive.

For help creating the right work-life balance solution at your company, contact HR Solutions & Brokerage in Lakewood, Colorado, serving you and your needs.

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