Summer is ending and your nose is beginning to tingle with the sneezes of seasonal allergies. Seasonal allergies can happen anytime and can seriously get in the way of your everyday life. Luckily this type of allergy is totally preventable by taking the right steps. Here are 4 ways to prevent seasonal allergies.

  1. Try washing your hair at night before bed. Things in your hair like mousse or gel can trap pollens, making your allergies worse after your head hits the pillow. Try taking showers at night to get rid of pesky pollens before bed.
  2. Take some time to relax. Studies show that people under stress suffer worse from allergies because of a change in hormones. Take a few minutes to meditate or have a bath, anything calming can help.
  3. Clean out your nose. Pollens tend to stick to the inside of your nose. Use herbal nasal spray or saline rinse to clear out your nose and stay pollen free.
  4. Cool down your home to get rid of dust mites. These things thrive in houses that are warmer than 70 degrees. Bring down the air to cool down your home to get rid of mites that could cause allergy.

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