The Affordable Healthcare Act has been the most talked about and misunderstood piece of legislation ever signed by an American president in our lifetime.

Obamacare goes live

In March of 2010 our president signed the Affordable Care Act into law, and even though the actual law did not take full effect until October 1st, when each state’s own healthcare exchange went live online.

Glitches cause more confusion

After the healthcare exchanges went live, there was an unprecedented amount of individuals trying to sign up for individual coverage, so many in fact that the sheer amount of people trying to access many of the exchanges caused the servers where they were housed to crash.

People became frustrated with the problems and the ensuing confusion and unanswered questions led to more distrust of the president’s healthcare program.

The truth about the healthcare act

Forget about the propaganda the truth is that there are going to be changes brought about because of the ACA including:

  • Health coverage that’s finally affordable for all
  • No more lifetime limits on health coverage
  • Kids with pre-existing conditions can no longer be refused coverage
  • Now there are free health screenings for conditions including cancer
  • Medicare will be stronger with the average savings to many people amounting to more than $4,000 dollars from 2011-2021.

The biggest problem with the president’s Affordable Care Act is the simple fact that Washington did not provide enough information about how this law would work, and that’s why it’s important to understand what you have to have done before the beginning of 2014.

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