Why HR Solutions?

HR Solutions partners with Maxwell Health, a technology platform that simplifies everything around enrolling in and managing benefits paperlessly, while also offering a turnkey wellness program and slick mobile app to provide employees access to benefits year-round and help encourage employee health.

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Recruit, Retain, RetireWe have the skill and understanding to attract and keep your key employees with the benefits they want and need, plus protect your business from unforeseen events.
Paperless Sign Up, Online MarketplaceProvide a paperless and hassle-free experience with our HR Operating System. It is an easy shopping experience for your employees to pick and choose their benefits.

Operating System for Employee Benefits

Allowing you to replenish productivity in the workplace, our operating system for employee benefits provides everyone within a company with convenience. Employee benefits and administration is heightened with the simple click of a button on this flexible platform that can handle intricate plan designs and rate structures.

If you are ready to enhance productivity with an operating system that allows you and your team to manage employee benefits and administration, please do not hesitate to give us a call. At HR Solutions, we go above and beyond to offer services and solutions that account for both employer and employee needs.

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Health Advocate

No longer will your door be the place employees come knocking when they have a question about their employee benefits or the claims process. From now on, you can feel confident that your employees’ requests are being resolved by a professional health advocate.
All communications can be completed over the phone, email, or through the mobile app.
A dedicated personal health advocate will help your employees manage their employee benefits package more effectively and resolve any questions or problems that may arise.
Health advocates help employees further by recommending doctors, offering information about conditions and treatments, scheduling appointments, estimating procedure costs, and resolving any claims or billing issues.

HR Solutions is in strict compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). To ensure that our clients are also kept in compliance with HIPAA and apprised of all important legislative updates, we offer access to an abundance of attorney-approved HR material.

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